Wednesday, July 30

Randy died July, 2008

View this video of his last speech to inspire the child within you! :)

Tuesday, July 29

Sunday, July 20

En Caul

This shows a baby crowning and being born in their intact membranes. Wow!

Wednesday, July 9

Have you drank Tylenol recently?

I obtained this article from one of my groups that talks about Vaccine dangers. I thought that I should share, since Tylenol is a common medication that most people take.

Tylenol (calpol) depletes glutathione

Numerous studies document that tylenol depletes glutathione, which is
a crucial ingredient for immunity and for detoxification. Sadly, the
parents whose kids were having a vaccination reaction and, at doc's
or nurse's suggestion, gave tylenol were thereby exacerbating adverse effects.

Same would be for the use of it in any other illness.
Tylenol (Acetaminophen) depletes Glutathione (necessary for removal
of mercury)

Vitamin K injections

This article states reasons and information about the Vitamin K shot given to newborns routinely at the hospital.

The rationale for newborn vitamin K injection at birth is that newborns are born with a "deficiency" of vitamin K. This perceived "deficiency" can lead to decreased clotting ability of the blood, that can leave the newborn more susceptible to hemorrhage. The risk is quite small, only about 1 in 200, but it does exist....