Friday, March 28

Another book!!

I have a little less than 100 days left to the actual guess date!!

I just received a new copy of the book "Back Labor No More" by Janie Mc Coy King. I started reading the book which includes a door hinge...yes, I said it includes a door hinge. The purpose of the door hinge is to illustrate to the mother, another reason why back labor is not good for the mother. The book describes a technique to help you use gravity to your advantage. The technique must be used without drugs that may prevent you to feel every sensation that you need to know that you are doing this right. Another tip, and another way to learn to birth better.

This book is very easy to read. I ordered my book through this website and a great internet offer.

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Monday, March 24

Hathor the Cow Goddess!

This website has a lot of cool article, blogs about birthing, breastfeeding, and the works. It is always nice to visit and confirm or learn new things based on the REAL world. She just wrote a blog about how much she loves ICAN.

Saturday, March 15

25 weeks

This is me at 25 weeks! It is as solid and healthy as it can possibly be. I am really excited looking toward the next fifteen weeks or so for the baby to arrive. Time is going by really fast, and I'm only getting bigger!!

In the next few days, I plan to be doing a birth plan...Birth plans can be very involved. The hypnobabies course that I am doing encourages everyone to do a birth plan. The birth plan addresses everything you need. It informs the nursing staff and the doctors where you are willing to be flexible or not. I think this will be an excellent opportunity for me to do more research once again, and ensure that I know what I am putting on the plan.

There are several subheadings that can be included in a birth plan. The birth plan can state to everyone what your preferences are as far as hydration, vaginal examinations, episiotomy, management of labor, about the umbilical cord, whether or not you choose to have certain vaccinations, especially if you do not want them, breastfeeding, visitors, etc. The birth plan can reflect your personality. It can be written in your own words.

I am going to keep my plan within 2 pages. I plan to use a size 12 font, and some sort of arial for easiness in reading. If you are pregnant, and plan to have a hospital birth, I suggest you start looking into the birth plan as well. You will be making informed decisions and choices even before you walk into the hospitals doors. Until later!
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Friday, March 14

50 WAYS!!

50 Ways to Enjoy your birth!!

I personally don't like the picture of the food about the protein intake, but I think this was hilarious!! :)

50 Ways to Scare a Mother

50 Ways to Birth More Safely

All the videos originated from &
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Thursday, March 13


Often the people around me are surprised that I breastfed my son for 3 1/2 years. Heck, I even surprise myself. I didn't do it for myself. I did it for him to have one overall advantage that I didn't have, the perfect food for babies.

When I think about the whole experience, once I learned how to do it, how to measure it, and how to define success...It was a lovely and great experience. People are often asking me questions about what did I supplement with, how do you know he is getting enough, doesn't it hurt? In my initial experience, I had pain. I had aggravation. I couldn't tell if he was getting enough. Moreover, I didn't trust the natural process of breastfeeding. I learned luckily by reading, and meeting other moms who were breastfeeding through La Leche League.

I found all this wonderful information using the World Wide Web, and I posted about it on my other webpage, I didn't write about mastitis, because I reserved that for my vegan page. That pain by itself was a world of its own, that lead me to do tons and tons of research about why I should really just stick to breastfeeding. It wasn't just about saving tons of money on FORMULA. It wasn't just about being the best thing for the ENVIRONMENT. Do you know how much trash you produce, just trying to feed your baby the CONVENIENT FOOD?? It is about the fact that we don't know what nutrients breast milk contains and it was meant for the baby. BREAST MILK serves to prepare the immune system, provides emotional support, and does many invisible and miraculous things for your baby.

I am not a Breastfeeding NUT. What I hope other would do is research, learn to think independently, and do what is best under EVERY SINGLE circumstance. If you do not know what your options are, you are simply letting others decide for you.

Saturday, March 8

My entire middle part trembles....

It is a great and awesome feeling to know that the baby is kicking and moving inside of me. It is absolutely wonderful to know that the body is working to its maximum potential and developing a strong and healthy baby.

I finally started class #2, and I'm practically done with this class. I have done the first part 3 times, and the second part 2 times, and I have been doing the affirmations. The great part about it was that I feel that somehow it is doing what it is supposed to do, because when the session is done, I wake up!! I think I'm going into hypnotic amnesia.

Guide to a Better Birth
I have been looking at Henci Goer's book, and reading the First Concensus Initiative of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS). This has philosophical principles that address the issues of movement during labor, eating while in labor, interventions, breastfeeding, VBAC, etc. I wish I would have read half of what I have read for this pregnancy...I feel so much prepared, informed, and relaxed about the outcome that I will have when the baby comes...

The Vaccine Guide
A good person told me a few weeks ago to get this book to make informed decisions about vaccinations. I received a copy of the book "The Vaccine Guide: Risk and Benefits for Children and Adults" by Randall Neustaedter, OMD. This book is a very comprehensive book that discusses the incidence and likelihood of diseases for which we receive immunizations. It also discusses the legal requirements and different legal exemptions that can be possibly used (philosophical, medical and religious). When discussing legal exemptions he quotes a book written by T. Finn (1983) called "Dangers of Compulsory Immunizations: How to Avoid them Legally" in which he states that you can prevent going to litigation by asking the school board, the hospital, and the physician administering the vaccine that the vaccine will not cause disease, death or injurious side effects. In essence, if the document is worded correctly, not one person can guarantee and sign a paper stating that the vaccine is completely safe, and the child would be allowed to go to class.

Saturday, March 1

23 weeks and still counting!

I feel a little lack of support from the baby's dad regarding the hypnobabies... he is not convinced yet. I cannot be anything but convinced, because the mind is powerful, and what you believe is what you achieve. I believed that I was going to graduate from college, and I did. I believe that I am going to do anything and everything that I set my mind to do.

I want to have support for my birthing. I feel that I need support. So, I tell my son, "Are you going to help mommy? Are you going to help mommy in her birthing time?" He responds, "Yeah, I help mommy by putting birthday cake in her nose!!" :) I had to laugh, and see his comparison of birthday with birthing. They have the same root word, he was right!!

I just feel that if I get the courage, who knows if I will end up having one of the unassisted births. I like to read the positive birth stories, and have a great appreciation for understanding how a woman feels the need to concentrate and not be bothered by distractions, questions, etc that will not happen the longer I stay at home, and stay quiet, to myself.

If you are stopping by and know of great stories that you can share, let me know...Thanks!