Thursday, August 25

Giving birth after a VBAC

Is certainly even more exciting!

The doubts that filled my mind in June 2008, are erased. My birth to Victor has empowered me, and given me the strength to know that another vaginal birth is not only a possiblity, but practically almost guarantee. The spacing as well, is almost the same as between the first two children, about 3 1/2 years apart at birth.

This time around, I am looking to see what I did during Victor's birth, all the blogs I posted and all the reading I did. Just because I did reading for Victor's birth, doesn't mean, that I'm not doing any this time around. I am again surrounding myself with hypnobabies material, positive birth stories, and affirmations. The lock needs to be tight, and secure for this healthy and wonderful pregnancy that I plan to have followed by a peaceful birth.

Thursday, August 18

How to Get Rid of Nausea During Pregnancy

I have attempted to read and discover different types of remedies for this horrible feeling, which indicates that yes indeed you are going thru a healthy pregnancy. Remedies, sometimes work, sometimes you find temporary relief, and sometimes, it does dissappear....I had my days, good and bad...some better than others.

I found that this advice seem good...

Meditation and deep breathing (hypnobabies did help me with my 2nd pregnancy, I haven't started yet, procrastination, but is only a 6 week course)
Walking away from the office and breathing fresh air for a few minutes
I have attempted to drink different teas (raspberry leaf, one of them)
Find a multivitamin that does not make me nauseau...
Italian Ice or Piraguas helped!
I preferred sweet or spicy food...weird I know, not in between!
When I remembered, homeopathy, pulsatilla!

Either way, it just came back after a few minutes, some hours, and sometimes, it just lingered with me the whole day...

Check out the suggestions in both of these websites...

Thursday, August 11

I'm officially about 14 weeks pregnant!

Yes, I didn't tell you...the little pouch growing is a baby... and no, this Skinny Bitch (title of a book, you should read, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin), is not getting fat, nor plans to...

This is supposed to be the end of the high risk period...and now the baby has a higher possiblity of making it to full term....

Pregnancy is a condition you can't hide, so might as well tell you now before you find out by looking at my belly and feel come she didn't say anything.

Those of you who have been pregnant, totally understand, except those who can't keep it to themselves...:)

A little life is happending inside....and is due in February....

Tuesday, August 2

Happy Birthday Nicolas! I love you!

On or about 7 years ago, I discovered that I was having a boy on the same day of his birth, it was confirmed with an ultrasound, August 3rd, 2004. I knew my whole pregnancy it was a boy, I had a dream in December right after I conceived that he was born with light hair, blue eyes, and light skin...and that bothered me because he seemed unreal, the only part I was sure about was that he was a boy...than I had the positive pregnancy test.

He had blue eyes (which changed to brown), dark brown hair, and lighter skin then me, and was a boy's boy! I had one chance to glance at him on August 3rd, and his father brought him once again to me at the operating table. I didn't get to hold him, or see him until about 16 hours later, they put me in this recovery room in which I was in and out of sleep, and couldn't move my legs. About five times, this lady came to ask me if I was sure I didn't want to circumcise...."NO, I DON'T WANT TO MUTILATE" my baby...leave me alone already. That experience had me traumatized and upset. I didn't know why it was happening to me, why I couldn't be with my baby. My legs were swollen, the pain was in the surgery area was unbearable, and some Chinese (or Asian) pediatrician doctor came to tell me that formula was safe, because I said that I didn't want my baby drinking formula because I wanted to breastfeed. I had to take the longest ride in a wheelchair to finally spend time with my baby, and it was so limited, but I focus on expressing milk which finally on the third day it started coming in bunches. Halleluiah! The breast milk started to flow, and Nicolas didn't need to be fed that formula anymore...

I came home, and I had to leave him in the hospital... I had to come home to look at all wonderful gifts that I received at the baby shower, but couldn't enjoy because he was still at the hospital. I was miserable for a few days, in pain, for having had pitocin labor for hours only to be cut for the c-section.

Finally he came to the home on Tuesday, August 10th. He had gained the weight he lost, and was as sleepy as ever. I didn't know what to do with myself; I didn't know if I was latching him on right.

I remember all this as if it was yesterday, my baby, is now turning 7 years old, talking to me, running like crazy, doesn't like to sleep late, always up early. He is my strength and joy. He is the one that motivates me to change, and sacrifice anything that I have to be stronger and wiser. Happy Birthday Nicolas...and know always that I love you with all my heart, from here to infinity!