Wednesday, July 30

Randy died July, 2008

View this video of his last speech to inspire the child within you! :)

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Megan said...

Hi! I totally agree with you, that the sun is beneficial (with the vitamin D being one of the benefits.) With the amount of time that I spend outdoors, I absolutely *have* to wear sunscreen because I burn (which is harmful to skin... just 3 sunburns to a child increases their liklihood of skin cancer!) So I really try to protect my skin from the sun (but not avoid the sun- we are a major outdoors family!) So anyways, that is why I like sunless tanners. I can get color without damaging my skin. I hope that my post didn't come across like I was saying to avoid the sun or that sun is bad.

Anyways, Yes! Isn't cloth awesome!?! I think my alltime favorites are the Under the Nile Fitteds. I tried my hand at making my own, but they were so time-consuming that once my 2nd baby was born I haven't been able to make any more! (Pics back in my Sept/Oct archives I think)

My oldest is almost fully vaccinated, (bummer!) I stopped at MMR time. My youngest is almost 9 months and hasn't had any vaccines. I can't wait to watch the little video in your previous post!

Have a great day- thx for the comment~*
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