Sunday, May 25

35 weeks!


Check out the tier full of cupcakes!! The kids and adults alike wanted to taste the delicious looking vegan cupcakes that I got from Sweet Avenue Bakery at Rutherford, NJ. These were delicious....I got to eat a snowball chocolate, carrot cake, and white room... Almost everyone wanted to taste the cookies and cream. They were awesome!!

Take care,
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Tuesday, May 20

Braxton Hicks

These are false alarms that I'm learning my occur starting at about the 8th week of pregnancy. I never experience them with my last pregnancy, only pressure waves cervidil and pitocin induced for about 12 hours.

The first time I realized that I was having a false alarm was this past Sunday, while I was grocery shopping. I was walking and it literally said STOP, I felt my stomach become a knot, and it was really uncomfortable, I couldn't move for the next few minutes, I was afraid to keep walking, thinking that it may happen again. Could this be early signs of labor?

No, they are not early signs of labor. I have not had that feeling since Sunday at around 6 p.m. I have not forgotten it...I decided to write and question others that may understand where I am coming from in the Yahoo Groups, and they gave me the confidence again to continue, this is part of the process....

Friday, May 16

Approaching 34 weeks and 4 days

34 weeks and 4 days

That was the day listed on my son's medical records, and my gestation period, based on my LMP...Soon, I will be 34 weeks and 4 days....

I'm thinking about the past, and moving myself forward, picturing now my success. My peaceful, easy birth.

Monday, May 12

Faith affirmations

I don't belong to a particular faith, religion. I find that most are offensive...
Here is a inspirational video...

Sunday, May 4

Positive Birth Stories

Right below is a hypnobirthing experience!! :) Here is the link! Studying Hypnobirthing keeps you in positive mindset throughout your pregnancy.

Here is another link!! :) An Amazing VBAC The VBAC birth of who gave birth to an 11 lbs baby at 42 weeks 2 days!! If you have anything awesome to share that would be great!! :)

Friday, May 2

32 weeks!!!

At 32 weeks the baby is able to live outside the womb, if he is born pre-mature. I learned this with my first son, he was induced at 34 weeks, 4 days for low amnio. I'm approaching that time, the time where my other son was here with us, and I was not ready. I had a car seat, and I had a bassinet that was passed on from a good friend. I was blessed with a baby shower 4 days after my son's birth, where I chose from there my son's home coming outfit, I got plenty of blankets, oh, and how can I forget about the baby shower I had at work. I had the boppy pillow, cover, and some disposable diapers, bottles, etc. I received a used double pump by Medela.

According to the information I got from the midwife I saw at my 31 weeks appointment was that I was measuring 30 centimeters, it felt like I had enough fluid, the head was down, and everything seem to be coming together perfectly for me. She read my birth plan, and said that the hospital staff would be supportive, and that I should not have any problems with having my baby with me 24/7.

I have decided not to vaccinate my newborn baby because the risks are the side effects plus the contaminants inside the vaccines are not safe for my precious baby, nor were these for my older son, but I trusted the system. I feel as though for my first pregnancy, I became a victim of the system. The system took the choices from me, made them for me, and I just went along with them. A college education did not provide me with all the knowledge and common sense that I have with me through actually living and observing life. Today, I know how to really AVOID a c-section, today I know how to live life better, today I know how to feed myself better, today I know that I love myself and my family more than ever.