Thursday, September 15

What the Bleep Do We Know?

What is, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" a documentary that can be view for free in youtube, and/or other internet sources.  The documentary describes a different opinion of  "Science" and how it explains the existence of matter and subatomic matter.  Some critics state that this is not "informative, credible, and scientificly accurate." It offers another version of reality which is limitless.  The other view point that basically states that the mind affects matter, and that emotions affect reality, perception. The "laws" as they are written in black and white are not absolute, anyway.  Some consider it a "quackery" science, but a lot of people consider people who do not vaccinate, "quacks" and people who believe in God, "quacks" and all of us do not fit into a specific pattern. 

Another thought that came to mind to me with the criticism is the fact that people objective opinions about subjective things are not really all that important.  The world advances and changes frequently and we have  "wireless phones" exist, "televisions" give us "live" images.  It is interesting how things are wired, and not wired, but can work either way.  There is a communication, a frequency and a vibration that is at work whether we believe that it works or not.  I like the statement within the movie, "most people live today as it if was yesterday." Don't do it!

Friday, September 9


VBAC stands for "vaginal birth after cesearan" translated to spanish, is PVDC, "parto vaginal despues de cesarea"

I want to share a website with you called ICAN and VBAC. 

ICAN, stands for International Cesearan Awareness Network, which can be found at
This website shares tons of information about recent studies, information, and  gives support to woman who desire to know more about cesearans, how to cope with them and/or how to avoid them. 

VBAC is a woman centered, evidence-based, resource.  They provide information to those woman that wish to have a vaginal birth after a c-section. 

There are tons of information surrounding birth that is erroneous, such as CPD.  CPD stands for cephalopelvic disproportion, when the child head is declared to big to fit through the mother's pelvis.  Most of the time it is declared this way after the mother has labored for sometime, and sometimes they do it before the child is even born. There is an excellent article posted on the ICAN website about CPD, written by Kelly Milotay, which can be linked to:  She goes on to state that many woman who are given this diagnosis go ahead and have vaginal births anyway.  When your provider diagnoses you with CPD, make sure that he has a GOOD REASON, such as malnutrition in your past or pelvic injury, but even those conditions can possibly heal.  When woman are allowed to birth in the position they want, instead of stirrups, CPD is not a problem and the elastic rubberband that the woman has and was provided to birth babies with stretches to make sure she can give birth and heal herself quickly and effectively.

Thursday, September 8


Depending on the experience that you wish to have,,and the location of your birth, you may want to decide what type of midwife you are going to have.  A CNM and a CPM are both very trained and effective in doing their job, and I understand that in New Jersey, they also must consult an OB/GYN about your care, especially if they detect a high risk situation.

A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is an independent practitioner who has met the standards for certification set by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and is qualified to provide the Midwives Model of Care. The NARM certification process recognizes multiple routes of entry into midwifery and includes verification of knowledge and skills and the successful completion of both a Written Examination and Skills Assessment. The CPM credential requires training in out-of-hospital settings.  They normally have a more holistic approach to natural birthing, and do not have a nursing background.

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) provide health care involving emotional and physical support to women before, during, and after childbirth. They are registered nurses with specialized training in assisting pregnant women and their newborn babies. CNMs must complete an accredited program of study and clinical experience in obstetrical care. Certified nurse midwives participate in a variety of services that include providing gynecological services like Pap smears and breast examinations, advising women about reproductive health and personal care, and monitoring the health of the mother and fetus during pregnancy. They also perform complete prenatal care including abdominal and pelvic examinations and evaluations. Another important service that CNMs provide is educating women and their families about childbirth methods, infant care, nutrition, and proper exercise. They work closely with obstetricians and other physicians when medical treatments and medications are necessary.

More definitions can be found at Midwives Alliance of North America.

Wednesday, September 7

What is purple pushing?

Purple pushing, also described as Valsalva pushing, is when you get to 10 cm and the doctor and the nurses order you to "PUSH" but you are not feeling it. You are forcing yourself to push, but your body is not ready. 

Many times they ask the mom to push, when is not ready, laying down, and in stirrups, where it may cause tears, and endanger the baby, because gravity many times is not helping, and a decrease of oxygen in the body to mom and baby can occur.

In Birthing Naturally, a post is dedicated to pushing, Birth Plan Options: Pushing, the break down "pushing" to three types, "Directed or Purple Pushing", "Spontaneous or Mother Directed Pushing" and "Exhale Pushing."  There are benefits to directed pushing and the only one I see is for those that are managing labor, and want to get out quickly, the author states, "This style of pushing can be helpful it there is concern for your baby's health because directed pushing does decrease the amount of time spent in second stage labor."  Now the side effects are, "directed pushing does increase the chance of a tear, increases the mother's fatigue and can decrease oxygen levels for both mother and baby."  Spontaneous pushing decreases the chance of tearing, and Exhale pushing, helps the mother relax if they can coordinate the breathing with the pushing.

This blog that I found has a nice description about purple pushing.  She describes a situation where you have eaten dinner, and than you are told go to the bathroom to poop...The logic is the same, you don't direct someone to poop, you just let them go when their heart desires...Purple Pushing: Just Say No

In this article, posted by Karen, called Pushing: Woman to Woman Childbirth Education again she goes ahead and talks about how impractical it is to tell a woman to push, when she is fully dilated.  She explains that there is a latent period, and that there may be a period where "nature" is giving the woman a "break" before she has to push the baby out after enduring the contractions.  I prefer this last blog as it offered a study of 39 first time moms that were allowed to do spontaneous pushing and had "intact perineums postpartum"

Again the same line is repeated, manage pushing helps decrease time in labor, but offer three serious side effect that anyone would like to avoid.  Spontaneous pushing during birth: Relationship to perineal outcomes reached the following conclusion: “These studies indicate that the only apparent advantage of Valsalva pushing is a shorter second stage, which, on occasion, may be desirable. However, expediting delivery by forceful, directed pushing is achieved at the expense of three negative outcomes: reduced oxygenation of the fetus, more frequent trauma to the birth canal, and potential injury to future pelvic floor function.” The above study was published on February 12, 1999.  

Another issue, discussed in the last article, is having an epidural. When you have an epidural, you lose sensation, and therefore you cannot feel when you have the urge to push.  In this instance, you need to be directed, but again the dangers to the pelvic floor and perineum continue to be the same.  An epidural is again managed labor, which with all the risks involved, most women should avoid and learn to trust and know their bodies.

Tuesday, September 6

Enlaces de Grupos de Apoyo

Estos son enlaces para grupos de apoyo en la lactancia y parto en español. Normalmente escribo en ingles, pero los problemas de maternidad nos afecta en cualquier idioma. 

Desafortunadamente, muchas mujeres no saben sus derechos, y caen a manos de medicos que no tienen experiencia en partos naturales, y terminan con cesearas innecesareas.

La primera pagina, es "¡Que no os separen!" Esta pagina habla sobre el apollo a la lactancia materna.

No separar es:

Asegurar el contacto piel con piel inmediato y constante entre la madre y el recién nacido. Método madre canguro
No cortar el cordón umbilical hasta que éste haya transferido toda la sangre de la placenta.
Facilitar el inicio de la lactancia materna en los primeros minutos de vida.

La pagina de la Doctora Parilla,
La Fundación Puertorriqueña para la Protección de la Maternidad y la Niñez -PROMANI es una organización no-gubernamental sin fines de lucro cuya misión es contribuir al mejoramiento de la salud de la población de mujeres en edad reproductiva y de sus hijos\as a través de la educación, la orientación y el apoderamiento de todos los miembros del núcleo familiar, así como a través de la investigación de los factores que inciden sobre la salud de las madres y los\as niños\as, y la implantación de estrategias a esos fines.

Mujeres Ayudando Madres (MAM) tiene como misión promover los derechos, la educación y el bienestar de las madres durante la etapa de la maternidad. MAM se basa en la promoción de cambios dirigidos al apoderamiento y desarrollo sustentable de las madres durante la etapa de la gestación y posparto.

Monday, September 5

Empowerd Birth Awareness Week

Empowered Birth Awareness

This week there are events and things planned for the woman to learn about being empowered for birth.

Their description states....

The purpose of the event is to grow our paradigm of empowered birth by FLOODING the public yearly with our vision,

our definitions,


...images ,

stories and


in short, to share our reality of what it means to have an, empowered birth
I hope that this movement helps woman all over the United States, Puerto Rico, and around the globe learn about their choices, and to know how powerful their bodies are.  They don't have to follow blindly the instructions of someone who does not list them as number one...They are number one and only they can determine what place and time to be, do, have what you need, when you need it.

Thursday, September 1

Homebirth! and New Jersey

About 3 months ago, I discovered that home birth after a c-section is not possible in New Jersey. If I want to home birth, I find to find the home of someone in New York to provide me their home, to actually home birth...since they are the neighboring states, or find an underground midwife, or a traveling midwife, and pay out of pocket.

I am very disappointed and frustrated at the laws that are created to supposedly protect us. Is there a waiver that I can sign, such as those that I do with vaccines! Let me have my choice! I already know that my body can birth, why do I have to submit to your rules! I know I can do unassisted, but that was not or is not my plan at the moment.

My advice to you is if this is your first birth, hire a competent midwife, and have a home birth...HOSPITALS are not safe, but can be dangerous during birth for a low risk mother. These are not my words, but the words of many professionals. You have chances of having a safer birth in 30 plus other countries, than in a United States hospital.

Thursday, August 25

Giving birth after a VBAC

Is certainly even more exciting!

The doubts that filled my mind in June 2008, are erased. My birth to Victor has empowered me, and given me the strength to know that another vaginal birth is not only a possiblity, but practically almost guarantee. The spacing as well, is almost the same as between the first two children, about 3 1/2 years apart at birth.

This time around, I am looking to see what I did during Victor's birth, all the blogs I posted and all the reading I did. Just because I did reading for Victor's birth, doesn't mean, that I'm not doing any this time around. I am again surrounding myself with hypnobabies material, positive birth stories, and affirmations. The lock needs to be tight, and secure for this healthy and wonderful pregnancy that I plan to have followed by a peaceful birth.

Thursday, August 18

How to Get Rid of Nausea During Pregnancy

I have attempted to read and discover different types of remedies for this horrible feeling, which indicates that yes indeed you are going thru a healthy pregnancy. Remedies, sometimes work, sometimes you find temporary relief, and sometimes, it does dissappear....I had my days, good and bad...some better than others.

I found that this advice seem good...

Meditation and deep breathing (hypnobabies did help me with my 2nd pregnancy, I haven't started yet, procrastination, but is only a 6 week course)
Walking away from the office and breathing fresh air for a few minutes
I have attempted to drink different teas (raspberry leaf, one of them)
Find a multivitamin that does not make me nauseau...
Italian Ice or Piraguas helped!
I preferred sweet or spicy food...weird I know, not in between!
When I remembered, homeopathy, pulsatilla!

Either way, it just came back after a few minutes, some hours, and sometimes, it just lingered with me the whole day...

Check out the suggestions in both of these websites...

Thursday, August 11

I'm officially about 14 weeks pregnant!

Yes, I didn't tell you...the little pouch growing is a baby... and no, this Skinny Bitch (title of a book, you should read, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin), is not getting fat, nor plans to...

This is supposed to be the end of the high risk period...and now the baby has a higher possiblity of making it to full term....

Pregnancy is a condition you can't hide, so might as well tell you now before you find out by looking at my belly and feel come she didn't say anything.

Those of you who have been pregnant, totally understand, except those who can't keep it to themselves...:)

A little life is happending inside....and is due in February....

Tuesday, August 2

Happy Birthday Nicolas! I love you!

On or about 7 years ago, I discovered that I was having a boy on the same day of his birth, it was confirmed with an ultrasound, August 3rd, 2004. I knew my whole pregnancy it was a boy, I had a dream in December right after I conceived that he was born with light hair, blue eyes, and light skin...and that bothered me because he seemed unreal, the only part I was sure about was that he was a boy...than I had the positive pregnancy test.

He had blue eyes (which changed to brown), dark brown hair, and lighter skin then me, and was a boy's boy! I had one chance to glance at him on August 3rd, and his father brought him once again to me at the operating table. I didn't get to hold him, or see him until about 16 hours later, they put me in this recovery room in which I was in and out of sleep, and couldn't move my legs. About five times, this lady came to ask me if I was sure I didn't want to circumcise...."NO, I DON'T WANT TO MUTILATE" my baby...leave me alone already. That experience had me traumatized and upset. I didn't know why it was happening to me, why I couldn't be with my baby. My legs were swollen, the pain was in the surgery area was unbearable, and some Chinese (or Asian) pediatrician doctor came to tell me that formula was safe, because I said that I didn't want my baby drinking formula because I wanted to breastfeed. I had to take the longest ride in a wheelchair to finally spend time with my baby, and it was so limited, but I focus on expressing milk which finally on the third day it started coming in bunches. Halleluiah! The breast milk started to flow, and Nicolas didn't need to be fed that formula anymore...

I came home, and I had to leave him in the hospital... I had to come home to look at all wonderful gifts that I received at the baby shower, but couldn't enjoy because he was still at the hospital. I was miserable for a few days, in pain, for having had pitocin labor for hours only to be cut for the c-section.

Finally he came to the home on Tuesday, August 10th. He had gained the weight he lost, and was as sleepy as ever. I didn't know what to do with myself; I didn't know if I was latching him on right.

I remember all this as if it was yesterday, my baby, is now turning 7 years old, talking to me, running like crazy, doesn't like to sleep late, always up early. He is my strength and joy. He is the one that motivates me to change, and sacrifice anything that I have to be stronger and wiser. Happy Birthday Nicolas...and know always that I love you with all my heart, from here to infinity!

Monday, July 25

The vortex, your wishes, the NOW

I have been reading and listening to a lot of information recently about the "law of attraction"

I came across Kevin Trudeau's "Your Wish is Your Command," I have been listenting to Napoleon Hill's Rare Recordings, I have come across many "You tube" videos of Abraham Hicks work...

Napoleon Hill said that he makes sure that he eats one "raw" meal a day, Kevin says that you need to do detoxes and cleanses once in a while, Abraham recording state that you need to stop thinking about your wants as if they are something to reach to, you have to pretend that they are with you "now", is a game that you pretend, align yourself...and all of them said, that your main focus is too feel good now...

Anyone who has read, or listened to or come across anything like this, understands everything that I just said, if you have something else to add, something else to show me, I'm willing to learn a new perspective on this whole feeling good now, and entering the vortex...

Affirmations are a challenge for me, and developing new habits, what are you doing in your life, to develop new habits, to change your behavior, to become more positive? What works for you today?

Monday, July 18

Some thoughts about breastfeeding...

If you are pregnant and want to breastfeed, go to a support group, like La Leche League, and learn all that there is about breastfeeding NOW! If you are a mom, just know, that I'm not upset at you for not breastfeeding, I just want people to let me breastfeed. It's the right choice for me, and many.

As an inexperienced mother, I took great pride in breastfeeding my first born son for 3 1/2 years. I felt a great power and satisfaction in that I am all my son needs to sustain himself the first few months of life. It really became to me a point where I feel confident about being his mother and happy about the options I took.

With this choice of breastfeeding, I run into a whole host of other problems. People who need to constantly offer and give their unsolicited advice. They give you advice about how much to carry your child, about what to feed him, about what to what to what…frankly after a while it all blends in, and nothing makes sense. What does make sense is that this is your child and you are responsible for their nutrition, their clothing, their emotional well being and a whole host of other things that comes with parenting. And what makes it horrible about the advice is that given with all the best intentions of the world, it may be incorrect.

My son was inconsolable. I felt I wasn’t making enough milk. I couldn’t put him down. I reached out to La Leche and someone suggested that I should not drink milk, it could be affecting the baby. At first I said to myself, get rid of milk, that’s probably the only nutritious thing I can eat on a regular basis. Wrong! I thought about my friend was on a diet where she lost tons of weight, by getting rid of exactly that milk. When I began to read and saw that this was actually a good option, I chose to do so but for a different reason. At every chance I get, I think of ways that I can include other foods in my diet that are natural and animal free.

I love natural things. I like things that come from nature. I like things that make me feel good. Breastfeeding is natural and it makes me feel good. For some reason, other people don’t like it. They don’t understand it, they don’t want to see you doing it, they think that it’s inferior and wrong. I have select to not give into other people desires. I read all the information. I pack myself with support from other people that are doing the same thing. I do what I want and what makes sense to me.

I planned a natural birth. I wanted to push, and say no to the epidural. The story changed, at about 34 weeks gestation, I was diagnosed with oligo hydromanus (low amniotic fluid). I was induced for vaginal birth, but after twelve hours of horrifying and painful labor, my son's heart rate began to drop. They suggested that he might be in distress and said that I need a ceasarian section. Shortly after my son was born, and fortunately he only spent seven days in the NICU and continued thriving and growing. Naturally, next time, I prepared for a VBAC!

It doesn’t work all the time! Things are not perfect! You know what! It’s going to have to work. As the good old saying goes, "if there is a will there is a way." It’s going to have to take its toll, happiness, fairness and honesty will demand it's place and that all I want. By the grace of God, I will continue to do what I can to be the best, live each day the best I can, and do what is best for us, for my children and I.

Learning to LOVE
To Nicolas
I was the size of a needle one day
began to nourish myself in your space
working to change your ordinary taste
your guitar body and your tiny waist
to taking up all of your time
to waking you up every night

Yes, Mom, enjoy the moments of sleep
inside I will be very brief,
I will be falling asleep in your arms
outside of your womb, I will charm
to rousing you up every night
to captivating all your time

I had a full set of hair at birth
my tiny person had perfect health
Mommy, I need you to feed me colostrum
comfort me, hold me, build my bones strong
help me combat the bacteria with milk
my little tongue and slobber will speak
to the nipple to formulate the antibodies that kill
those exact germs that can possibly make me ill

Bear in mind, my tiny hands will grab,
catching a grip of your sweet, sensitive heart
when I rolled up into this intimidating world,
at your affectionate breast I radiate and bond,
to waking you up every single night
to taking up all your central time

Making you fall in love with me
with every shrieking goo and ooh and eee
kindhearted smiles, squeals, laughs, chants
Now, seventeen pounds of humanity
to waking you up with a gentle shove
screaming in delight and learning to LOVE

by Boriquita
January 26, 2005

Now for my favorite breastfeeding sites to visit:
Breastfeeding Support & Information

La Leche ...Your local support Breastfeeding group! Tienes la opcion de verlo en Español! ... A warehouse of Breastfeeding Information

Dr. Sear's Breast is Best Info ... The Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet

Breastfeeding and WIC in NJ
They provide pumps and increased food stipends for nursing moms!

Nursing Clothes

Motherwear ... This site sells cool nursing clothes...
Co-Nursingwear ... More nursing clothes
My Nursingwear ...Nursing has never been so beautiful, according to Lori Bailie

The Dangers of Not Breastfeeding

International Baby Food Action Network ... This site talks about how breastfeeding is undermined, and the international code!
You have a choice of Languages here! Puedes leer informacion en esta pagina en Español!

Not Milk ... An index of tons of websites...Why you should not drink or feed your baby cow's milk!

Milk Sucks ... More info about the danger's of cow's milk!

En Español

Propiedades de La Leche Materna

Monday, July 11

Will you find this information useful?

The information presented here talks about how the United States, Inc. functions. How the current government was created, and what has happened since the 1860s to the present.

"Silence is consent" "There is no contract if there is no meeting of the minds"

Is hard not to participate in commerce, and not to be part of the system because it has penetrated into our everyday lives. Is hard to believe that voting is a "privilege" not a "right" This is not a black and white ordeal, because it affects all of us. The manipulation of the system is deep and complicated, but easy for the regular eye to see only if we pay attention.

Thursday, July 7

How can I achieve positive thinking?

The more I think about it, the harder it becomes...
Is as if, I need to think positive feel good...becomes feel bad, and all negative thoughts enter my mind...

I watched this version of the secret recently

I attempt to start this over not once but a few times....

Why can't I finish it? Is it because within it it states finish what you start! He clearly says in the readings, that whatever you start you must finish because then you might start a pattern of not finishing things...This is a pattern that has taken over me...

I have to be grateful for the things I have finished...
I completed the MBA in Phoenix, the Bachelor's, and high school
okay, now for the other nonsense stuff I completed...
I used to read books from start to end, such as "Piri Thomas, Down These Mean Streets, Julia Alvarez, "in the time of butterflies" "Addiction" I finished a lot of books....
Mostly every movie I start, I finish them...
What else do I finish....I can't even remember...but will I have to pick up every project I have started and say...I'm going to finish you now?

Ever since I had children, I have been unable to finish more and more....
I am glad that pregnancy and some actions take care of breathing...but you know, I really didn't to finish my first pregnancy (premature induction at 34 weeks), on a good note, I did finish my 2nd pregnancy...

Okay, other than can one make their mind focus on nothing!
Any suggestions?

This guy, Charles Hannel is great, but I can't seem to finish that....I need to go back, restart and finish...who wants to encourage me!?

Boriquita Comments

Tuesday, July 5

My younger version!



That's a picture of a car similar to the first car I ever bought, similar color....

In this picture, I am definitely a younger version of today...I believe it was April fools day 2001.

This is my 2001 Nissan! Yes, this is still alive, is in the family! I thought I lost it when they stoled it at Lynnes Nissan with the spare key...yeah, that's the short version of the story.

Thursday, June 30

What is a cleft?

Throughout the blog you may have heard me mention that I was the only of four children born with a cleft lip and palate. I was affected only on one side of the face, and I'm the only one in my family that I know with this defect. One of the reasons I blog, was to talk briefly about some of the frustrations that come psychologically and physically with being born with this particular defect. I think I mention this several times throughout my life.

Personally, I think I'm stronger because of my cleft. I think I'm a better person, more empathetic, simpler and nice. The torture, and the tears shed only made me want to be happier, and never a conformist. I participated in a play called "The Phoenix Cafe." This was a very emotional yet empowering experience for me. I want to tell you guys to check out the website of Foward Face, and support their cause. Forward Face’s mission is to help children with craniofacial conditions, and their families, find immediate support that helps empower them to successfully manage the craniofacial condition.

Cleft lip and cleft palate is a somewhat common birth defect found in one of every 700 newborns throughout the United States. A cleft lip happens when the lip during pregnancy fails to join completely. Sometimes it includes the bones of the upper jaw and/or upper gum. The same thing happens to the palate, where there might be an opening in the roof of the mouth. While the unborn baby was developing, these parts of the face may not correctly come together. It can occur at one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral). A person can be affected only on the lip, or on the palate. These can happen due to genetics and/or environmental factors. Many things can affect the occurrence of cleft lip and palate in a person. Someone affected by a cleft may need several different types of doctors, and services for surgery, orthodontic, speech, ear and nose, etc. It may last for number of years, depending on the severity of the case, and what is affected.

For other information visit, (Widesmiles) (Smiles) (International Institute For Birth Defects) (American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA))

Monday, June 27

Tee Ball!

The game of tee-ball has helped my son Nicolas understand the concept of the game. He loves to play first base, and he has hit the ball pretty far, without the pressure and millions of instructions.

What is Tee ball? Tee ball is a game where a player his the ball on top of a inverted t is placed at the home plate, and the players learn to swing the bat. The score is not kept and rules are designed to maximize participation: an inning is completed once each child has had a turn at bat and all extra players of the defensive team play in the outfield every inning.

Our team only has about 10 participants in each game, though there were registered with 15 players, there are always more than a few missing. Tomorrow night, Nicolas is playing his last game as a tee ball player, and perhaps will pass on his learned joy to his younger brother!

Thursday, June 23

Why I became vegan?

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food (Genesis 1:29).


They suffer each time that we sip a glass of milk! Imagine being pregnant for nine months with twins, then all of sudden you go into labor, the minute your baby girl and baby boy is born, they are pulled away from you and you never see them again. The separation anxiety begins, and a pump is placed over your breasts, to milk you like a machine, the engorgement begins, your nipples are sore and you start to get lumps. You get mastitis, and you are in pain. You are fed antibiotics, and your nipples crack and bleed. After a few weeks of a horrifying life, your baby boy is slaughtered never to see life again, and he died a scary death. Your baby girl is fed some other woman's colostrums, and she's expected to live a similar life to you now, expected to provide milk like a machine. And someday she will be artificially inseminated for the process, and fed growth hormones so she can do it as soon as her first menstruation comes. Your infected body fluid, with blood, several different antibiotics, pus filled milk is fed to other species. Your breastfeeding through machines, you are extra hungry, you eat what they throw on the floor for you each day. You live where other women are bleeding and milking just like you. All in close quarters, all eating excrement, and left overs. Something similar to this is what happens in corporate owned factories. Cows suffer anxiety from being separated from their calves. The picture is nasty, but if you consume any milk from a cow, or meat from any animal, that is what you are consuming. Anxiety, fear and death, pus, hormones and antibiotics.


¡Sufren cada vez que nosotros bebemos un vaso de leche! Imagínese estar embarazada por nueve meses con gemelos, de repente ya es hora de que nazcan. El minuto que su hembra y barón nace, los llevan lejos de usted y nunca los vuelve a ver. La ansiedad de la separación comienza, y una máquina se coloca sobre tus pechos, para ordeñarle, la inchazón comienza, sus senos están doloridos y usted comienza a tener sequedad. Usted adquiere mastitis, y usted está en dolor. Los antibióticos son parte de tu comida. Matan a su bebé baron después de sufrir por semanas y nunca ve vida otra vez, y él murió una muerte asustado. Alimentan a su muchacha el colostro de alguna otra mujer, y ella se espera que viva una vida similar a la que usted sabe, esperando proporcionar la leche como una máquina. Y la inseminarán algún día artificial para el proceso, y le dan hormonas del crecimiento para así que ella puede hacerlo tan pronto como venga su primer menstruación. Su fluído corporal infectado, con sangre, varios diversos antibióticos, leche llenada pus se alimenta a otros especies. En su amantamiento, usted tiene hambre extraordinariamente, usted come lo que él lanza en el piso para usted cada día, donde la otra mujer está sangrando, y ordeñan justo como usted. Todos en cuartos cercanos, todos los excrementos de comer, y las sobras. Algo
similar a esto es qué sucede en fábricas corporativas. Las vacas sufren ansiedad de la separación de su bebes. El recuento es repugnante, pero si usted consume alguna leche de una vaca, o carne de animal, eso es lo que usted está consumiendo. Ansiedad, miedo y muerte, pus, hormonas y antibióticos.

There are many vegan websites. Be analytical, search for the truth. I have yet to figure out which is the best, but there is plenty of information in all. Best of all most of the information is free!

Veg Source, this is the VegSource website, tons of great links,, Great recipe website!, A Black Vegetarians Website!, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine(PCRM)
Animal Liberation Philosophy, Religion, History! Dr. McDougall Newsletter
About Famous Veggies,Cooking Spot!
Vegan, for the activists!
Vegan Porn, am I for real?

This is good for now, Enjoy!

A day like today, I was reading the pages of the Internet, looking
for information in nursing. Then I found myself with a very informative
page on the cow's milk and how it is inappropriate for our diet.
Who do you know is allergic to the penicillin? I know my mother, and she explained to me once how her hand was swollen, and how she must avoid this pill. What would you think if you knew that the food you eat is injected with penicillin. Now you are eating parts of penicillin, the same pill that you are trying to avoid. Your body is not a healthy one, and although you try to be in diets, none work. They do not work because you are eating these same meats and milk, which put to you in that situation. Read the pages of the Internet that speak about how a vegan diet can heal you. It helps you with the diabetes, you avoid cancer, you lose weight, and gain tons of energy. I feel with energy these days. I have always had problems with low hemoglobin, and it does make me weak. I have not felt that weakness in years!

Un día como hoy, estaba leyendo yo las páginas del Internet, buscando información en amamantar. Entonces me encontré con una pagina muy informativa sobre la leche de vaca y como es inapropiada para nuestra dieta. ¿Cuanto de ustedes conocen a alguien que es alérgico a la penicilina? Yo conozco a mi mama, me explico como una vez a ella se le hinchó la mano, y tiene que evitar esta pastilla. Que pensarías si sabrías que a la comida que tu comes le inyectan eso mismo, penicilina. Ahora estas comiendo rasgos de una pastilla que siempre estas tratando de evitar. Tu cuerpo no esta sano, y aunque tratas de estar en dietas, ninguna funciona. No funcionas si estas comiendo carnes y leches, por que eso fue lo mismo que te puso en esa situación. Lee las paginas del Internet que hablan sobre como la dieta vegana te puede sanar. Te ayuda con la diabetes, evitas el cáncer, pierdes peso, y ganas mucha energía. Yo me siento con más energía en estos días. Siempre he tenido problemas con la hemoglobina, y me hace débil. ¡No he sentido esa debilidad en años!

Sunday, June 19

Armando Torres Gonzalez Part II

Happy Fathers Day!

On the last post of April 17, 2009, Armando Torres Gonzalez, the first version, I had asked for suggestions, which I received all the answers to, not because of the post, but because the universe helped me find the answer in the internet. Many things have occured since that time.

We found his tombstone, in Kenilworth, New Jersey, as Nicolas put it under 2 feet of snow. Armando died in East Orange, New Jersey from obstructive pulmonary disease. His father was a cuatro player. He recounts vivid memories of his father teaching him how to play the cuatro. We confirmed his date of birth and death, and through an ancestry search I found his grandparents names, Domingo Torres, and Carmen Gonzalez, and the parents of Domingo, Carlos Torres and Maria Galarza. He was from Utuado.

I tried reaching out to his family, even found some names that are possible on facebook, but I have yet to receive a response. Maybe the mystery will continue to unfold, and we will know just how far out our tree expands.

Friday, June 17

Victor is now 3 years old!

I can't believe it has been now almost 3 years since my youngest child was born. We went to a well visit last week, and he is about the 30th percentile in both height and weight. He has been consistent in his growth journey and has met his milestones for a 3 year old.

The VBAC, throughout his pregnancy, I ensure to read tons of positive birth stories, use my hypnobabies CDs, and change from an OB to a midwife. I am fortunate that it worked, and I am happy I can live and tell the story about my sucessful birth that was unmedicated and natural.

The only constant in my life is change. My willingness to learn, and my willingness to change is never dormant, and I take on the challenge to change my life today, and everyday, for the betterment of my two boys, which I love with all my heart.

Wednesday, June 15

The family tree, and

April 2009, I decided to go on a search for the immediate Torres family, the brothers and sisters for my significant other, and that prompted me to search within During that time, not only did I find information about the Torres family, but I found information about the Monclova, Lebron, and De Jesus family. The Calo family stopped with the names of my uncles.

On or about May 19, 2011, I received the most unexpected message from a Calo family member. The website,, is a place where you can start a family tree, and your family tree recognizes names from other family trees, it begins to grow, and connect to other family trees that other family members started. My family tree, from my mother family side just expanded about 40 more names, dead and alive! I am very excited and happy that I can now share information about the family with more cousins around the country, so Texas, here I come!

Fortunately, last year I traveled to Florida, and was impressed and happy to reconnect, and connect with family that lived in Rockledge, Tampa, and Fort Myers in Florida. What is amazing is that I have family that lives closer, that actually live in New Jersey and close to the Bronx, and don't forget the other Long Island, and Staten Island, that I have not had in depth conversation yet, or did have a conversation with but have not had a chance to visit with.

No need to despair, the moment will be here, and I will enjoy getting to know more of my cousins and probably find pictures of what my great grandparents, and great aunts and uncles looked like. So my cousins, if you are reading this, please share your history with us on, so we can see how far and wide our family expands!

Wednesday, June 1

North Newark Urban Garden


I wanted to let everyone know about a new project I have been working on for the past month.

It is called "North Newark Urban Garden"

I have two friends joining forces with me, as well as any other volunteers, such as my kids, and my hubby. They have been very helpful and supportive of the idea.

The intention of the garden is multiple, but mainly it is a community service idea, to help beautify the neighborhood, create a bond in the neighborhood, encourage everyone to eat healthier, and provide the opportunity to learn about gardening, where does the food come from.

If you would like to know what we are doing, how you can help, and contribute to this amazing idea, please feel free to e-mail us at

You can follow us on twitter, subscribe to our youtube channel, friend us on facebook, or join our group page.

Boriquita Comments

Monday, April 25

The Green Sanctuary: Health information about Bamboo Shoots

The Green Sanctuary: Health information about Bamboo Shoots

My co-worker suggested that I eat a meal that had bamboo shoots...They seem like a miracle plant! Helps measles, menstruation, and infections...what more do you want!?

Saturday, April 9

Abuela Chencha

On April 9, 1920, she was born, a beautiful time of the year, during the springtime of the northern hemisphere.

Abuela Chencha used to tell me stories about growing up. She would tell me that she loved going to school, and that she learned how to read and do basic arithmetic. Her biggest struggle in school was learning to write with the right hand; well she was left handed. My grandma learned to write with her right hand, but she continued to do everything with the left. When she went to school it was not okay to write with the left hand.

She was a story teller, but I was too young to remember her stories. She told me what I know about my family tree, and I wish I was taking notes then. She retold stories about her childhood all the time, and somehow now I am drawing a blank. She was about 13 years old when she stopped going to school, to help her mother with the household chores. Not much longer after that she was forced to become an adult, as her mother died when she was a teenager. She was one of the eldest, and my uncle Paulino confirmed it in her viewing, "esa fue mi mama" "she was my mother" because Catalina, his mother died when he was four years old.

Grandma, I'm sorry you had to lose your mom at such a young age. I can't imagine how much she suffered and cried when her mother passed away because she spoke well about her mother.

Abuela Chencha dressed in white to go to church, and she happily sang, "" Los que han vencido, tendrán felicidad, esta es tu iglesia, que amaneciendo esta, ahí, está los que traen felicidad, un Saludo Aarón nos da" I can hear hear voice singing that song, and I can hear her talking, about los "entendidos"

She was an all around grandma, when my mother was at work she made me breakfast and a merienda for me to take to school. I was the least of the grandkids that enjoyed grandma because in 1985 we left to New Jersey, and she would always say, "a mi no se me ha perdido nada por alla."

Right before I came to New Jersey, I remember walking from my mother's apartment to grandma's apartment, every afternoon to have a cup of hot chocolate. I remember that I would bring a matchstick with me from my house, just in case she had ran out.

I loved the cornmeal, oatmeal, and anything she cooked. Her big size tells me that she loved everything she cooked too.

Abuela Chencha was a strong woman, and even though I met her when she was 58 years old, I still don't know many that are as strong as her.

Crescencia Monclova had good credit, and the last time she went for a loan, they didn't give it to her because she was too old, "I would be done by now with that last loan, how dare them tell me that I am too old"

She always kept her home clean, and I remember spending the summers with her. Every night before she went to bed, she would wipe the tables, ensure the dishes were cleaned, and the floors were swept and mopped.

Abuela Chencha is a queen in my heart, a strong survivor and warrior. Grandma I will always love you! Is your 91st Birthday, and may you who read this today have a long and strong life, thanks for reading!

El 9 de abril de 1920, ella nació, un tiempo hermoso del año, durante la primavera del hemisferio norte. Abuela Chencha me contaba cuentos sobre su niñez. Ella me diría que ella le encantaba ir a la escuela, y que ella aprendió cómo leer y hacer aritmética básica. El reto más grande de la escuela fue aprender a escribir con la mano derecha; ella era zurda. Mi abuela aprendió escribir con su mano derecha, pero ella continuó haciendo todo con la izquierda. Cuando ella fue a la escuela era malo escribir con la mano izquierda.

Ella le encantaba contar cuentos, pero yo era demasiado joven para recordar sus historias. Ella me dijo mucho de lo que sé sobre mi árbol de familia, y me hubiera gustado haber tomado notas en aquel entonces. Ella relató historias sobre su niñez todo el tiempo, y desafortunadamente no me recuerdo de muchas. Ella tenía cerca de 13 años cuando acabo de ir a la escuela, creo que Abuela Chencha tuvo que ayudar a su madre con sus tareas en la casa. No mucho más después que la forzaron a hacer un adulta, como su madre murió cuando ella era un adolescente. Ella estaba sobre sus hermanos más jóvenes, y mi tío Paulino lo confirmó en su funeral, "esa fue mi mama, porque mi madre murió cuando yo tenía cuatro años"

Abuela pierdo a su mamá en una edad tan joven. Me imagino que ella sufrió y gritó cuando su madre los dejo porque ella habló bien sobre su madre.

Abuela Chencha vestía en blanco para ir a la iglesia, y ella cantaba feliz, " Los que han vencido, tendrán felicidad, esta es tu iglesia, que amaneciendo esta, ahí, está los que traen felicidad, un Saludo Aarón nos da" Puedo oír su voz que canta esa canción, y puedo oír su hablar sobre los "entendidos"

Ella era todo alrededor una abuela, cuando mi madre estaba en el trabajo que ella me hacia el desayuno y una merienda para llevar a la escuela. Fui la menos de los nietos que gozaron de la abuela porque en 1985 nos fuimos a New Jersey, y ella diría siempre, " a mi no se me ha perdido nada por alla."

Antes de que viniera a New Jersey, recuerdo caminar del apartamento de mi mama al apartamento de abuela, cada tarde para tomar una taza de chocolate caliente. Recuerdo que traería un fosforo conmigo de mi casa, apenas en caso que ella no tenía.

Me encantaba comer la harina de maíz, avena, y cualquier cosa que ella cocinaba. Su tamaño grande me dice que ella amó todo lo que ella cocinó también.

Abuela Chencha era una mujer fuerte, y aunque la conocí solo cuando ella tenía apenas 58 años, todavía no se de muchos que sean tan fuertes como ella.

Crescencia Monclova tenía buen crédito, y la vez última que ella fue para un préstamo, ellos no se lo dieron porque ella era demasiado vieja, " Ya yo hubiera de acabar eso pagos, cómo el atrevimiento ellos me dicen que estaba muy vieja"

Ella mantenía siempre su hogar limpio, y recuerdo pasar los veranos con ella. Cada noche antes de que ella se fuera a la cama, ella limpiaría las mesas, aseguraba los platos fueron limpiados, y los pisos fueron barridos y aljofifados.

Abuela Chencha es reina en mi corazón, una alma fuerte y guerrera. ¡La abuela, se le amará siempre! ¡El 91 cumpleaños, usted que lea esto tenga hoy una vida larga y fuerte, gracias por la lectura!

Tuesday, April 5

Opción de la Vacunación y Organizaciones de la Defensa de Autismo


Opción de la Vacunación y Organizaciones de la Defensa de Autismo (Vaccination Choice and Autism Advocacy Organizations)

Los padres de Nueva Jersey y los abogados de Autismo exigen el derecho de los padres para elegir las vacunaciones para la escuela pública

(Nueva Jersey) Los padres locales, y los abogados de la opción de la vacunación y del autismo están organizando reuniones a través del estado. El tema está el derecho de los padres hacer decisiones con respecto su salud y a la educación de niños, incluyendo sí o no están vacunados como condición de la admisión a la escuela pública.

El gobierno dice que sabe lo que es mejor para público. Una ley se está moviendo en la legislatura que permitirá que el estado rete si las exenciones de las inmunizaciones obligatorias para los estudiantes están basadas en creencia religiosas válida o genuina. Los padres están indignados y dicen que esto es infracción de los derechos religiosos y que es inconstitucional.

Mientras que el gobernador Christie ha apoyado abiertamente la elección de los padres para vacunación, el gobernador anterior Corzine efectuó el primer mandato de inocular para la gripe en la nación, haciendo una gran cantidad de residentes de Nueva Jersey protesten.

La prensa se invita a las reuniones siguientes:

Lunes, 28 de marzo a las 6:30 pm en 9th y Coles Tavern, 174 Coles Street, Jersey City
Jueves, 31de marzo a las7:00 pm en St. Teresa’s of Avila Memorial Hall, 306 Morris Ave, Summit
Viernes, 8 de abril a las 7:00 pm en Camp Jefferson, 81 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong
Domingo, 15 de mayo a las 1:00 pm en Hampton Inn, 370 Route 9 North, Woodbridge
Sabado, 21 de mayo a las 7:00 pm en ACS Education Culture Center, 146 US Hwy 1, Edison