Monday, February 25

Concious Birth Affirmations

This next video is facts about birthing in the United States.

Friday, February 22

Snowed in at 22 weeks!!

Sometime during the night, it started to snow here in New Jersey and the tri-state area. When we woke up at 6:30 am, there was plenty of snow in the ground as you can see in the pictures. One of the pictures is Nico trying to clean the car, and the dog watching.

I had to call in at 7 am and at that time they said they had a delayed opening of one hour. I needed to be at work, but that made me depressed because I couldn't stand the idea of driving for 25 miles in this type of weather. Luckily, my co-worker called me at about 9 am, and asked me if I had left yet, I was planning to catch the train, and was getting ready to walk out the door. She called to tell me that they updated the message and CLOSED for the day. What a relief!! I felt like a ton of bricks had fallen off my back. However, not in its entirety, because I know that I have to do the work I didn't do TODAY on MONDAY...YIKES!!!

I haven't spoken about the dog. She is a really cute German Shepperd and Rottweiler mix (in Spanish is Pastor Aleman mixto con .....). We found her lost and no one claimed her, plus she had no collar on. We decided to keep her in the house.

Keeping a positive and stress free mindset throughout your pregnancy seems to be very important. I was reading the birth stories in the book, "Journey Into Motherhood" that I mentioned before in a previous blog, and they are mostly inspiring, and unlimited. They continuously refer you to think positive, stand your ground, be assertive and informed. These women read before their birthing time, and were able to make effective and sound decisions about what they wanted to have for their birth. Eventually, each and everyone of these women went onto having peaceful and great satisfying births.

As for the circumcision controversy, I decided a long time ago that my first son was not going to be circumcised. They asked me in the hospital about 3 times, and I believe this was the minimum. Well, they may have asked me while I was unconscious. I guess they wanted to make that extra $$$. None of my other children if I have more boys will be cut. I believed that if boys were meant to be without the skin, they would not have the extra skin, it serves it's purpose. The bible talks about circumcision, is really disturbing. It is somewhere in the Genesis chapters, where I read about its purpose and I was appalled. According to some major activists, circumcision is a cruel and unnecessary act. I feel that this website is compelling, and informative when it comes to discussing reasons for not doing a circumcission. I post the website against circumcission, but of course you can always find your pro websites. Personally, I do not want to know where they are.

I'm still researching the vaccination issue. I'm going to see two actual places that sell cloth diapers, so that I may feel them, hopefully compare prices, and different materials. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Sunday, February 17


The baby is moving around like crazy. I can feel him as I type, moving in his personal private pool, stretching it out...I'm really looking like a pregnant woman is amazing to be in this stage!!

This weekend I have spent some time researching several different issues...

Cloth diapers and Vaccinations...

Well the whole cloth diapering thing is becoming more clear, I think the least expensive method for me would be to use pre-folds. There are sooo many choices, Indian, Chinese, unbleached, bleached, and the list goes on...Than there are the covers, Bummis, Aristocrats, I can't remember them, too many tooo mention. There is the issue about how many diapers do I need, how do you wash them? Do I need to use a Snappi? How do I carry these things around? Websites have SOOO much information is not even funny....When I make decision, I'll probably let you know....

Then there are the vaccination issues...I have read on some websites that vaccinations contain elective aborted fetal tissue (human diploid), kidney tissue from monkeys, chicken embryo, gelatin, I'm not even talking about the chemicals that are causing attention in the media, the preservative mercury which has been linked to autism. Are you aware that there is a National Vaccine Compensation Program? It was created because are children were getting injured with vaccinations...HELLO!! We are indoctrinated with the ideas that VACCINES are necessary, but they are actually experimental, and poorly tested. Some activists state that pharmaceutical companies bribe legislators with tons of money and have made people believe that this things are MANDATORY. When we put our children into school, the state gets money for each vaccinated child, and the state pushes the parent to vaccinate children, in order to get more funding, right, does that sound right? The whole process start with the day the baby is born with the Vitamin K shot, the eye ointment and the Hep shot at the hospital, and it continues on with the well visits. I don't have to tell you can see this for yourself at, and look at the exemption letter done by Barbara for exemptions with attachments,, and I like what is says on this Florida website about religious exemptions,

Friday, February 8


ICAN has renewed and improved its website.

There is a new video that protrays women who had VBAmC.

Check it out!!

Tuesday, February 5

The halfway getting close!

I went to for the super savings with the shipping, and I got 3 books.

The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth, by Henci Goer
This book is basically about medical stories and I think it basically tries to disect the truth from myth.

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin
From looking at the contents, the first half of the book seems to be birth stories, the other half educational tools for birth. It has excellent reviews.

Journey into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth, by Sheri L. Minelli
From my personal understanding this book has multiple birth stories, and accounts from birthing mothers, and their partners. I have read about 3 or 4 stories. They give advice, and provide what they used to prepare for birthing at the end of each story. Another way to prepare for a positive birth.

I have only looked at the books briefly, and I can't read them all at once....I think I'm done buying books for now...I'm going to focus on reading them. Finally someone read to me the "Bubble of Peace" However, I have not started the Class #2. I will this weekend...I think Saturday for the first part, and Sunday for the second...and I will start Class #3 next Saturday. I will dwell, and do my birth affirmations for the rest of the week and continue to relax to Class #1.

Anyway, I wanted to let anyone know what I have done to prepare myself for my next birth, hopefully with the intentions that if everything is successful, as I desire, you can use similar tools to help yourself, or better tools...The point is to continue to learn and grow.

Friday, February 1

It's official, I'm 19 weeks!

I'm getting close to my half-way mark. I can feel the baby move more often, especially when I am resting, and relaxing, whether it is laying down or sitting. I found my 7th edition book that I bought a couple of years back of "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" It is one of the recommened readings for Hypnobabies. I only went through the 1st class, I have not moved on to the 2nd class. Someone is supposed to read me the "Bubble of Peace" but they have not done that yet. They want to practice reading it, but they don't practice it. I don't like to rely on anyone for anything....I NEED a back up plan, immediately.

This week I found this interesting You-tube Video, through someone's favorites, I forgot who....It's basically teaching you the positions to birth and labor, I believe it's a "How to" video.

I have about 3 different due dates, that I like to play around with. The one that I go by is my personal due date, or the day I think I conceive, which would be June 24, 2008. The other 2 dates, are the ultrasound date, and the last day of my menstrual period (LMP). The midwives are using the LMP date, which is great, just in case, I go past the due date, June 28, 2008. The other date is the one that the original OB had given me due to the size of the baby, which is June 22, 2008. I'm glad I ran away from there, that would have called for an early c-section, before the baby was completely cooked. The official, is the LMP, which today marks 19 weeks. That puts me one week shy from the mid-way mark!!! Yikes!!