Thursday, December 27

Wednesday, December 26

14 weeks now!

Currently I received my copy of Hypnobabies, and I'm looking forward to doing the homestudy course.

I'm having a hard time with my pants already, they feel really tight around the waist, and I need to start wearing pants that stretch around the waist. I don't look to pregnant yet to the general public, but perhaps like I'm a little heavier that I was. This past weekend I have noticed that the nausea has subsided, and I feel a lot better, thought I still have a bad taste in the mouth, is not as bad, or as excruciating as it had been for most of November, and the beginning of December.

I spent the holidays doing my best at relaxing, althought I need to work on it a whole lot more, and I'm looking forward to my trip to Puerto Rico, so that I may get some sun.

Monday, December 17

13 weeks are coming

This past weekend I spent it again filled with nauseating feelings and mood swings...I am very emotional.

I began to read a copy of a little script I got from e-bay called, "I CAN DO THIS" by Hygeia Halfmoon-unassisted childbirth. It was definitely a pleasant read, and I plan to keep it around me until I give birth. It was the story of a lady who had 3 births, a hospital birth that ended up in a c-section, and a medically unassited VBAC, and finally the purpose for the book, the unassisted birth in the presence of her other 2 daughters. It was definitely uplifting....

I plan to indulge myself in as many positive birth stories as possible, if you know of any, please share with me...Thanks!

Friday, December 14

the 9 week visit

I hadn't spoken much about the baby, because they usually say to wait until the end of the 1st trimester....Well, at the end of 12 weeks, it will be pretty much the end of the 1st Trimester...

In what I think might have been the 4th week of my pregnancy, I began to suspect that I was pregnant, I did the home pregnancy test, and it was positive. Than at about 5 weeks, I decided to just go ahead to the regular OB/GYN, after all, the doctor did say that he was doing a VBAC.

Well, I had a blood test, which indicated that I was 5 weeks pregnant, and they told me to return in 2 weeks, I think I returned in about 3 weeks for the ultrasound. The ultrasound indicated that I was 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant....from what I could see, it looked like the shape of a head and body, wiggling around in my uterus. It was perfectly coming together...The doctor said you "have" to come back from some test during the 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy, and since you had a c-section, you are automatically scheduled for a c-section. He stated, "I don't know any other physicians at St. Barnabas Medical Center who do VBAC, because they are extremely dangerous."

As you can see, I had to run from there as far as possible...

I have elected not to do that chromosonal testing from 11 to 13 weeks. First of all, if it indicates that the child has a certain percentage of having any type of problem, I'm not going to elect an abortion, and science has not developed anything special to prevent or change the situation. Why poke myself unecessarily....I thought...All these pregnancy tests are optional folks, you don't HAVE to do anything.

Anyway, I decided to go see a CNM and an OB, and right now, I'm sticking the CNM...I think I'll have a better learning experience, and I should be able to GESTATE IN PEACE....

Thursday, December 13

12 weeks

The unsolicited comments about the sex of the baby have begun...You're having a girl! I hope you have a girl! Oh, it would be nice for you to have a girl.


I don't care whether it is a boy or a girl, because I have been drowning in nausea does not mean that the baby has a lot of does not mean anything....
I don't know if I want to know the sex of the baby, I don't know if I want you to try to guess, for my 1st baby, I wanted a boy, I got a boy, and I'm successfully happy with a boy...for this baby my concern is being able to have a vaginal and successful birth, so that I may bond with my baby...

For my first birth, I was induced at 34 weeks and 4 days for low amniotic fluid....They used cervidil at first, and I had a friendly nurse...I was being monitored for both contractions and the baby's heart rate, and they placed the hep lock in....If I had the urge to go to the bathroom, I would get up and the time she left, I had dilated up to 5 cm, Than the nurse that I had switched shifts, and I got the nurse from HELL, she didn't let me get up the bed, the contractions were consistent still but not painful, however, I felt like a log that couldn't move, she had me pee in a bedpan, she told me to stay still, she scared me to death.... I was glad because they moved me from that area to another laboring area, and they switched the nurse....however, the problem now became that they put in the pitocin, what was that for, the back pain began, the intense contractions began to kill me, at the time, the doctor came in and he ruptured the membranes....I couldn't stand it at all, I was offered the epidural for the 3rd time, and at that time, I agreed, my baby's heart rate began to drop, and the doctor started saying that the baby could have the cord wrapped around his neck, and that I needed a cesearan....about 20 minutes later, I was rolled into the OR, and the surgery began, they pulled the baby out of me, and showed him to me for what felt to me was one second, they gave it to the father, and he showed him to me again, but again it wasn't that long. I was place in a recovery room, and my baby was sent to the NICU, the next day I didn't get to see my baby until about 16 hours later, I was dissapointed and upset at my birthing experience, he spent 7 days in the NICU, and I had a baby shower that I couldn't enjoy because I had been recently released from the hospital.

I need to put this experience behind me....I need to have my VBAC, and I need to have it for this, as I don't know if I will ever get pregnant again...I'm going to treat this as if it will be my last, and I expect to enjoy it to the fullest....Thank you!

Positive thinking during pregnancy

thank you Teresa for these inspiring words....

Just do nothing, but believe it can happen.
Think positively.
Pray about it.
Seek out God’s will for you and for this birth and this baby.
Focus on “the secret” or the law of attraction; pick your path, how you want things to go and that’s how they’ll go, rather than focusing on the pain and any fears you may have.
Figure out what *you* need in order to birth uninhibitedly.
Hire the right attendant.
Hire an attendant who knows how to turn a posterior baby during labor.
No, hire an attendant who believes in the birth process and leaves things alone.
It doesn’t matter whether you hire the right attendant or not, because it is all about you.
Don’t seclude yourself from the people who care about you, but reach out and allow them to be there for you and help you.
Ask for what you need.

Identify all of your fears.
Identify all of your fears, and then work through them.
Identify all of your fears, work through them, and then get rid of them.
Acknowledge that baggage from your past could be a factor in your inability to birth previous times.
Create a ritual to get rid of any remaining “issues” once and for all before the birth.
Buy the hypnobirthing book and CDs and practice the exercises there.
Re-do the exercises in the “Birthing from Within” book.
Cut back on your schedule so that you’re not trying to do too much with school work and the kids.
Keep busy so that you aren’t sitting around obsessing about every detail of the birth.
Focus on all of the details of the birth and how you want them to unfold.
Be flexible to the process and allow it to happen.
Take time to be alone with your baby.
Turn off your thinking brain and just concentrate on being a normal pregnant woman.
Prepare yourself for the intensity and duration of the pain, and that it will be just as bad as you remembered it being before and for just as many hours.
Stop setting yourself up for failure by thinking of this labor to be like the last labor was.

Do 20-30 pelvic rocks, 3 times a day.
Keep your knees lower than your hips at all times when sitting.
Don’t sit on the couch.
Get on hands and knees, 3 times per day.
Walk 20 minutes a day.
No, walk 5 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day.
Sleep with a pillow between your knees.
No, sleep with 2 pillows between your knees.
Try not to focus on the pain in your hips.
Take the pain as a sign you need to be more aggressive with treatment.
Get chiropractic care more frequently (more frequently than once a week, that is).
No, find a chiropractor who knows the Webster technique and get that done.
Find a chiropractor who knows the Bagnell technique and get that done.
Do flips in a swimming pool.
Float in the pool.
Do laps in the pool.
Buy the pink kit and do the exercises in there.
Watch lots of birth videos.
Don’t worry about what other womens’ births look like.
Visualize yourself in labor.
No, visualize yourself actually giving birth.
Eat good, wholesome, healthy foods that your body/baby are craving.
Eat lots of protein, regardless of whether your body is craving it or not.
Try to limit your weight gain.
Don’t worry about how much weight you gain, focus on your nutrition.
Limit your calcium intake, particularly during this last month of pregnancy so as not to grow a baby with too big of a head.
Get acupuncture throughout pregnancy to keep your blood pressure down.
Get acupuncture to help facilitate proper positioning of the baby.
Get a massage every 3-4 days during these last few weeks of pregnancy.
Get cranio-sacral therapy once a week from here on out.
Talk to your baby and tell him/her exactly what you want/expect from him/her regarding his/her portion of this birth.
Trust in your baby’s inherent ability to decide the best route for himself and to be born.

From Teresa

Friday, July 13

Update 07.13.07

One of my favorite days!

July 13th, right smack in the middle of the year for me...MY YEAR, it has been 6th months since my last birthday, and there will be 6 more months when my birthday comes again, and thus I can continue to CELEBRATE LIFE...

This review, the positive highlights!!

January 2007--I celebrated another year!

February 2007--I bought a new 2007 Suzuki Forenza!

March 2007--I finished my last class and obtained my Master's Degree in Business Administration!

May 2007--I got a new job in a law firm, I went to Puerto Rico, and now My son is finally potty trained!

Thank you for listening! ;)

Tuesday, May 1

Please share!

What do you appreciate most in your life? I'm trying to be more appreciative, and caring...and one way I have decided to do this is by writing down and thinking about the good things that I appreciate about my son, my boyfriend, and my life in general...sometimes, I go into a blank....If you like, please share with me what do you appreciate in life..