Friday, December 5

Illusion and Perception

I think that this video is awesome.

I have never taken a marketing class, but I have always read and seen information about illusion and perception. My life constantly changes.

My religion was Catholic...Now, I think of it as "sun" worshipping! Ha! I'm still spiritual, and I believe that we are one, yes you Jewish, you Christian, you Muslim, you Hindu, you Atheist, we are all part of the same energy and source...We all need plants to survive...My diet was omnivore...Now, I have a plant based diet, because my belief system change from it is bath for your health to we don't have dominion over animals, why would such intelligent creatures exist in the eart to die for us. We are constantly changing, growing, evolving, maturing, for some time I lived clubbing and I live being a mom and working...I think that my experiences have shaped what I am today, and continue to shape what I am today, tomorrow doesn't matter, what matters is that I experience life today. Time is the only thing on my side...

and Love ya!

Marieliz Monclova

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