Tuesday, January 22

Counting towards 18 weeks

I finally received a used copy of the book, "Mind Over Labor" written by Carl Jones, that I purchased from e-bay. The book has awesome information...In the 1st two chapters, it discussed the spacing of pressure waves (contractions), what would be the ideal situation for a mother to birth peacefully, as well as giving practical suggestions to the partner. I know that reading more will definitely continue to educate, and inspire me for the rest of my pregnancy. I also had the opportunity to listen to "Your Body, Your Birth" by Lynn M. Griesemer, from http://www.unassistedhomebirth.com. Which within it's body, quoted Carl Jones.

I haven't been able to do the hypnobabies study course, but I will make an attempt again to start this week. Each day, I get distracted by a multitude of things, and I hope to be able to focus, and get everything done. I can feel the baby move at times, it feels like litte butterflies in my lower belly, and I know the baby is alive and well. I can't wait to be able to hold this baby in my arms.

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