Friday, May 2

32 weeks!!!

At 32 weeks the baby is able to live outside the womb, if he is born pre-mature. I learned this with my first son, he was induced at 34 weeks, 4 days for low amnio. I'm approaching that time, the time where my other son was here with us, and I was not ready. I had a car seat, and I had a bassinet that was passed on from a good friend. I was blessed with a baby shower 4 days after my son's birth, where I chose from there my son's home coming outfit, I got plenty of blankets, oh, and how can I forget about the baby shower I had at work. I had the boppy pillow, cover, and some disposable diapers, bottles, etc. I received a used double pump by Medela.

According to the information I got from the midwife I saw at my 31 weeks appointment was that I was measuring 30 centimeters, it felt like I had enough fluid, the head was down, and everything seem to be coming together perfectly for me. She read my birth plan, and said that the hospital staff would be supportive, and that I should not have any problems with having my baby with me 24/7.

I have decided not to vaccinate my newborn baby because the risks are the side effects plus the contaminants inside the vaccines are not safe for my precious baby, nor were these for my older son, but I trusted the system. I feel as though for my first pregnancy, I became a victim of the system. The system took the choices from me, made them for me, and I just went along with them. A college education did not provide me with all the knowledge and common sense that I have with me through actually living and observing life. Today, I know how to really AVOID a c-section, today I know how to live life better, today I know how to feed myself better, today I know that I love myself and my family more than ever.

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