Friday, January 30

$$$ The game that we are always losing!

I'm really disturbed...

I'm looking at the retirement fund that I have for work, and I don't need that crap later. I need that crap now.

My employer deposited $548.58 for the 4th quarter of 2008, and already (- $338.91) was the change in account value. For the 1st month, no deposit, (-$81.98), change in account value. The 3rd quarter there was a deposit of $365.72, and (-$217) change in account value. This does not include the $5 quarterly fee that is also a negative value.

I was thinking about going to HR and asking them that instead of funding a retirement fund for me, that they pay me that money. I don't want a retirement fund, I'll make my own when I'm ready. How do you think that will fly by? I need that money NOW not later!

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