Thursday, February 5

Making changes today!

I love Nicolas, my partner
I appreciate the things that he does for me
Nicolas has a good sense of humor, likes to laugh
He is caring and thoughtful, he is sensitive
He makes and effort to cook good food
He effortlessly cleans and tidies up at times
He puts the laundry in the washer and dryer
He is a handyman around the house
He carries the grocery bags, so I don’t have to carry anything heavy
He takes care of Nicolas
He also watches Victor
I feel comfortable because his sons love him
He supports my vegan diet
He often has good ideas
He likes to exercise, and getting physically fit
He is healthy
He is smoke-free in the house
He is sober in the house

I say all this to say that sometimes, in order for any individual to move forward, he/she needs to let go of things, maybe persons. People are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Someone you may think is supposed to be with you for a lifetime, may not supposed to be there for a lifetime. They may be there just to teach you a lesson, and than you need to move on.

We are all one with the source (GOD), and everything that we do for the benefit of ourselves also benefits the universe, and everything we do to hurt ourselves, hurts the universe.

It is your responsibility to change, manipulate your actions, feelings, thoughts, behavior to achieve your desired status. The unconscious mind is always working through our sleep, like our hearts and breathing, we don’t need to tell it to keep doing it, somehow it harness powers and continues to work, we do this effortlessly...

When we set our minds to do anything, we need to do it, and finish it, despite of what gets on our way. We have to get it done. When we don’t it sends a message to our continuous working unconscious mind that we have failed, and this becomes a dreaded cycle. This is where the feeling of failure comes in.

I’m practicing what I call the PEER PRESSURE PRINCIPLE right now. What this means that I’m going to set some goals throughout this week to complete, and I’m going to announce some of them to ensure that I complete them. With this I hope to be able to change my life, and succeed at them.

You may be wondering why I wrote what I wrote about my partner, and this is because I want to focus on the positive things that have maintained our relationship now. I’m not sure that this is a lifetime relationship, even though we are tied together for a lifetime with our children. Sometime some relationships may leave you a feeling of being stuck in the same place, and this is where you may need to say, I need to let go.

Thanks for listening.

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