Tuesday, April 28

Swine flu scare!

My significant other didn't want to send our son to school today because he lacks vaccines. I'm like okay, whatever. He thinks that I'm crazy, extreme. What I know, and I tell anyone is that the media tells a bunch of lies anyway. I don't think that the situation is a big deal, until it smacks me in the face. Okay, maybe I have not been really paying attention. I pay attention to the people around me, my friends, my family. Those are the things, people, and situations that to me are a big deal. How many people do you know have diabetes, heart problems, attention deficit disorder, asthma, and, they are not contagious, they are all autoimmune disorders, but yet everyone has them right! Is the food we eat, okay!!

I don't care for the swine flu for that same reason! Really...I don't care...I'll take my usual precautions eat homemade food as much as possible, wash my hands, etc. I made the reality around me, that what the law of attraction says, that you make the reality around you, and my reality is that people need to start thinking and making common sense. I think I'll go nuts in my huge world, before I start listening to the media again.

I think that the swine flue is a genetically engineered lab created disease, to make people submit to vaccinations. That way big pharma makes $$$, and the top at the few keep creating their dumb, beaf, and blind population with the their neurotoxin filled vaccines.

My 2 cents!

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