Monday, June 15

The dollar cannot stretch more

Okay, so this year I didn't get a raise, and my bills just got higher...
My outflow in cash this year started way higher than my income...
My credit limit was gettting maxed out...
I couln't handle it no more..

However, I am in the belief that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
and yes, I stopped paying one of the credit card given to me in an all caps name that looks like mine

I sent a letter to BoA last month, asking them by the Fair Debt Collections Act, I have the right to verify the loan, and they need to stop collections, until these requirements are met…
They need to send me per Mary croft, this is one of my sources….:
1. validation of the debt (the actual accounting);
2. verification of their claim against me (a sworn affidavit or even just a signed invoice); and,
3. a copy of the contract binding both parties.

So they wrote back stating that my request is outside of the guidelines of the Fair Credit Billing Act, and totally ignored the Fair Debt Collections Act, went ahead to threaten me that they would send me a judgment, and asked me to make my minimum payment by June 23, 2009, or call their Customer service dept.

So I wrote them a letter that their response was frivolous and without merit, and that they must respond to my initial request according to the Fair Debt Collections Act.

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