Wednesday, April 21

Unschooling, what is it....

I am the parent who sits back idly and recognizes that the public school system is broken but uses it anyway, because of the fear mongering that occurs that if I leave my job, and that if I don't send my children to school, they will not learn what I need them to learn. Okay, maybe I don't really believe that. I do believe that I would have a hard time surviving in commerce if I leave my job, that is my biggest fear. How do I get away from that fear? I have no clue.

Everyday, I am thinking about alternatives, things that I can do different...however, something is holding me back. The movie keeps playing in my head, over and over. I have to move that movie, and take control of that soon, before it continues to control me...essentially I need to unjob, so that I can unschool.

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