Sunday, February 17


The baby is moving around like crazy. I can feel him as I type, moving in his personal private pool, stretching it out...I'm really looking like a pregnant woman is amazing to be in this stage!!

This weekend I have spent some time researching several different issues...

Cloth diapers and Vaccinations...

Well the whole cloth diapering thing is becoming more clear, I think the least expensive method for me would be to use pre-folds. There are sooo many choices, Indian, Chinese, unbleached, bleached, and the list goes on...Than there are the covers, Bummis, Aristocrats, I can't remember them, too many tooo mention. There is the issue about how many diapers do I need, how do you wash them? Do I need to use a Snappi? How do I carry these things around? Websites have SOOO much information is not even funny....When I make decision, I'll probably let you know....

Then there are the vaccination issues...I have read on some websites that vaccinations contain elective aborted fetal tissue (human diploid), kidney tissue from monkeys, chicken embryo, gelatin, I'm not even talking about the chemicals that are causing attention in the media, the preservative mercury which has been linked to autism. Are you aware that there is a National Vaccine Compensation Program? It was created because are children were getting injured with vaccinations...HELLO!! We are indoctrinated with the ideas that VACCINES are necessary, but they are actually experimental, and poorly tested. Some activists state that pharmaceutical companies bribe legislators with tons of money and have made people believe that this things are MANDATORY. When we put our children into school, the state gets money for each vaccinated child, and the state pushes the parent to vaccinate children, in order to get more funding, right, does that sound right? The whole process start with the day the baby is born with the Vitamin K shot, the eye ointment and the Hep shot at the hospital, and it continues on with the well visits. I don't have to tell you can see this for yourself at, and look at the exemption letter done by Barbara for exemptions with attachments,, and I like what is says on this Florida website about religious exemptions,


Eclectic Pregnancy said...

No, you don't know me. I stumbled upon your blog and think we have a lot in common. I'm researching some of the same issues, cloth diapers, vaccines, etc. I wanted to thank you for the links about vaccines, very informative, I hadn't come across those web pages yet.
Hope you're feeling well during your pregnancy, my little guy should be arriving in the next couple weeks :)

McMama said...

There is definitely a lot to research, and being a BTDT mom doesn't really make it less - you just find different things to stress about.

Don't forget the circumcision question!

As for cloth dipes, we currently use a combination of kissaluvs+bummis wraps, bumgenius one size pockets, and mommy's touch one size AIOs. I'm hoping they'll last long enough that the one size feature is worthwhile.

Vaccinations - we started by delaying (you can always vax later, but you can never take it back) and now we're non-vaxers.

Megan said...

Hi! Congratulations on your birth and your precious baby AND YOUR VBAC!!! That's wonderful! I'm in the middle of the vaccine debate. My youngest is unvaccinated, but my pediatrician kicked us out of his practice. Did you end up using cloth diapers? I know this is an old post, but if you still have any cloth diaper questions, let me know. I'm so sorry I never got back to you about hypnobabies (a long time ago!) The past 9 months (maybe longer) have rocked my world! :) Hope you are doing well!