Monday, April 14

The Baby MOVES me

I know that some people say that there should be a certain amount of movement per certain amount of time. I have no clue what those numbers are, what I do know is that the baby moves me. The stomach either trembles, or you can feel a kick, or a rub. Since I started this message the baby moved at least six times. There are times, when I'm walking, talking, or just simply moving around that he would literally stop me, and say "Aha! I'm here!!"

I feel the kicks higher in belly, which is good, it could mean that he is in the right position. He is kicking me above the belly button. Now, I'm telling him that he needs to face my back, and keep kicking up there where he is at. I tell him that is great that he is kicking, it doesn't bother me at all. Well it only bothers me when I feel movement right on top of my bladder, and I have to go ROOM...oh! If you have had pressure place in your bladder, you know how that goes. I'm terribly excited as time goes on and everything with the baby is so perfect. I'm increasing in size, gaining weight as I should be. I'm looking forward to birthing, and putting the hypnobabies into practice. I have about 10 weeks left. I'm just thinking positively that I am looking forward to meeting my second son real soon.

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