Thursday, August 25

Giving birth after a VBAC

Is certainly even more exciting!

The doubts that filled my mind in June 2008, are erased. My birth to Victor has empowered me, and given me the strength to know that another vaginal birth is not only a possiblity, but practically almost guarantee. The spacing as well, is almost the same as between the first two children, about 3 1/2 years apart at birth.

This time around, I am looking to see what I did during Victor's birth, all the blogs I posted and all the reading I did. Just because I did reading for Victor's birth, doesn't mean, that I'm not doing any this time around. I am again surrounding myself with hypnobabies material, positive birth stories, and affirmations. The lock needs to be tight, and secure for this healthy and wonderful pregnancy that I plan to have followed by a peaceful birth.

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