Thursday, August 18

How to Get Rid of Nausea During Pregnancy

I have attempted to read and discover different types of remedies for this horrible feeling, which indicates that yes indeed you are going thru a healthy pregnancy. Remedies, sometimes work, sometimes you find temporary relief, and sometimes, it does dissappear....I had my days, good and bad...some better than others.

I found that this advice seem good...

Meditation and deep breathing (hypnobabies did help me with my 2nd pregnancy, I haven't started yet, procrastination, but is only a 6 week course)
Walking away from the office and breathing fresh air for a few minutes
I have attempted to drink different teas (raspberry leaf, one of them)
Find a multivitamin that does not make me nauseau...
Italian Ice or Piraguas helped!
I preferred sweet or spicy food...weird I know, not in between!
When I remembered, homeopathy, pulsatilla!

Either way, it just came back after a few minutes, some hours, and sometimes, it just lingered with me the whole day...

Check out the suggestions in both of these websites...

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