Saturday, March 15

25 weeks

This is me at 25 weeks! It is as solid and healthy as it can possibly be. I am really excited looking toward the next fifteen weeks or so for the baby to arrive. Time is going by really fast, and I'm only getting bigger!!

In the next few days, I plan to be doing a birth plan...Birth plans can be very involved. The hypnobabies course that I am doing encourages everyone to do a birth plan. The birth plan addresses everything you need. It informs the nursing staff and the doctors where you are willing to be flexible or not. I think this will be an excellent opportunity for me to do more research once again, and ensure that I know what I am putting on the plan.

There are several subheadings that can be included in a birth plan. The birth plan can state to everyone what your preferences are as far as hydration, vaginal examinations, episiotomy, management of labor, about the umbilical cord, whether or not you choose to have certain vaccinations, especially if you do not want them, breastfeeding, visitors, etc. The birth plan can reflect your personality. It can be written in your own words.

I am going to keep my plan within 2 pages. I plan to use a size 12 font, and some sort of arial for easiness in reading. If you are pregnant, and plan to have a hospital birth, I suggest you start looking into the birth plan as well. You will be making informed decisions and choices even before you walk into the hospitals doors. Until later!
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