Saturday, March 1

23 weeks and still counting!

I feel a little lack of support from the baby's dad regarding the hypnobabies... he is not convinced yet. I cannot be anything but convinced, because the mind is powerful, and what you believe is what you achieve. I believed that I was going to graduate from college, and I did. I believe that I am going to do anything and everything that I set my mind to do.

I want to have support for my birthing. I feel that I need support. So, I tell my son, "Are you going to help mommy? Are you going to help mommy in her birthing time?" He responds, "Yeah, I help mommy by putting birthday cake in her nose!!" :) I had to laugh, and see his comparison of birthday with birthing. They have the same root word, he was right!!

I just feel that if I get the courage, who knows if I will end up having one of the unassisted births. I like to read the positive birth stories, and have a great appreciation for understanding how a woman feels the need to concentrate and not be bothered by distractions, questions, etc that will not happen the longer I stay at home, and stay quiet, to myself.

If you are stopping by and know of great stories that you can share, let me know...Thanks!

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Holly said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog...sorry I missed it until now. How would I make sure I start labor before my due date? Is there any way to help this along naturally? I know prayer is a big key to it. I will definetly be praying. Where do I know you from? If you ever want to add me on gmail chat, my email addy is peacefullone at gmail dot com. I'd love to chat with you sometime. =) Oh and I wanted to share a yahoo group link with you. I think you might like that group, possibly.

Holly V.