Friday, September 9


VBAC stands for "vaginal birth after cesearan" translated to spanish, is PVDC, "parto vaginal despues de cesarea"

I want to share a website with you called ICAN and VBAC. 

ICAN, stands for International Cesearan Awareness Network, which can be found at
This website shares tons of information about recent studies, information, and  gives support to woman who desire to know more about cesearans, how to cope with them and/or how to avoid them. 

VBAC is a woman centered, evidence-based, resource.  They provide information to those woman that wish to have a vaginal birth after a c-section. 

There are tons of information surrounding birth that is erroneous, such as CPD.  CPD stands for cephalopelvic disproportion, when the child head is declared to big to fit through the mother's pelvis.  Most of the time it is declared this way after the mother has labored for sometime, and sometimes they do it before the child is even born. There is an excellent article posted on the ICAN website about CPD, written by Kelly Milotay, which can be linked to:  She goes on to state that many woman who are given this diagnosis go ahead and have vaginal births anyway.  When your provider diagnoses you with CPD, make sure that he has a GOOD REASON, such as malnutrition in your past or pelvic injury, but even those conditions can possibly heal.  When woman are allowed to birth in the position they want, instead of stirrups, CPD is not a problem and the elastic rubberband that the woman has and was provided to birth babies with stretches to make sure she can give birth and heal herself quickly and effectively.

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