Thursday, September 15

What the Bleep Do We Know?

What is, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" a documentary that can be view for free in youtube, and/or other internet sources.  The documentary describes a different opinion of  "Science" and how it explains the existence of matter and subatomic matter.  Some critics state that this is not "informative, credible, and scientificly accurate." It offers another version of reality which is limitless.  The other view point that basically states that the mind affects matter, and that emotions affect reality, perception. The "laws" as they are written in black and white are not absolute, anyway.  Some consider it a "quackery" science, but a lot of people consider people who do not vaccinate, "quacks" and people who believe in God, "quacks" and all of us do not fit into a specific pattern. 

Another thought that came to mind to me with the criticism is the fact that people objective opinions about subjective things are not really all that important.  The world advances and changes frequently and we have  "wireless phones" exist, "televisions" give us "live" images.  It is interesting how things are wired, and not wired, but can work either way.  There is a communication, a frequency and a vibration that is at work whether we believe that it works or not.  I like the statement within the movie, "most people live today as it if was yesterday." Don't do it!

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