Wednesday, December 26

14 weeks now!

Currently I received my copy of Hypnobabies, and I'm looking forward to doing the homestudy course.

I'm having a hard time with my pants already, they feel really tight around the waist, and I need to start wearing pants that stretch around the waist. I don't look to pregnant yet to the general public, but perhaps like I'm a little heavier that I was. This past weekend I have noticed that the nausea has subsided, and I feel a lot better, thought I still have a bad taste in the mouth, is not as bad, or as excruciating as it had been for most of November, and the beginning of December.

I spent the holidays doing my best at relaxing, althought I need to work on it a whole lot more, and I'm looking forward to my trip to Puerto Rico, so that I may get some sun.

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