Thursday, December 13

Positive thinking during pregnancy

thank you Teresa for these inspiring words....

Just do nothing, but believe it can happen.
Think positively.
Pray about it.
Seek out God’s will for you and for this birth and this baby.
Focus on “the secret” or the law of attraction; pick your path, how you want things to go and that’s how they’ll go, rather than focusing on the pain and any fears you may have.
Figure out what *you* need in order to birth uninhibitedly.
Hire the right attendant.
Hire an attendant who knows how to turn a posterior baby during labor.
No, hire an attendant who believes in the birth process and leaves things alone.
It doesn’t matter whether you hire the right attendant or not, because it is all about you.
Don’t seclude yourself from the people who care about you, but reach out and allow them to be there for you and help you.
Ask for what you need.

Identify all of your fears.
Identify all of your fears, and then work through them.
Identify all of your fears, work through them, and then get rid of them.
Acknowledge that baggage from your past could be a factor in your inability to birth previous times.
Create a ritual to get rid of any remaining “issues” once and for all before the birth.
Buy the hypnobirthing book and CDs and practice the exercises there.
Re-do the exercises in the “Birthing from Within” book.
Cut back on your schedule so that you’re not trying to do too much with school work and the kids.
Keep busy so that you aren’t sitting around obsessing about every detail of the birth.
Focus on all of the details of the birth and how you want them to unfold.
Be flexible to the process and allow it to happen.
Take time to be alone with your baby.
Turn off your thinking brain and just concentrate on being a normal pregnant woman.
Prepare yourself for the intensity and duration of the pain, and that it will be just as bad as you remembered it being before and for just as many hours.
Stop setting yourself up for failure by thinking of this labor to be like the last labor was.

Do 20-30 pelvic rocks, 3 times a day.
Keep your knees lower than your hips at all times when sitting.
Don’t sit on the couch.
Get on hands and knees, 3 times per day.
Walk 20 minutes a day.
No, walk 5 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day.
Sleep with a pillow between your knees.
No, sleep with 2 pillows between your knees.
Try not to focus on the pain in your hips.
Take the pain as a sign you need to be more aggressive with treatment.
Get chiropractic care more frequently (more frequently than once a week, that is).
No, find a chiropractor who knows the Webster technique and get that done.
Find a chiropractor who knows the Bagnell technique and get that done.
Do flips in a swimming pool.
Float in the pool.
Do laps in the pool.
Buy the pink kit and do the exercises in there.
Watch lots of birth videos.
Don’t worry about what other womens’ births look like.
Visualize yourself in labor.
No, visualize yourself actually giving birth.
Eat good, wholesome, healthy foods that your body/baby are craving.
Eat lots of protein, regardless of whether your body is craving it or not.
Try to limit your weight gain.
Don’t worry about how much weight you gain, focus on your nutrition.
Limit your calcium intake, particularly during this last month of pregnancy so as not to grow a baby with too big of a head.
Get acupuncture throughout pregnancy to keep your blood pressure down.
Get acupuncture to help facilitate proper positioning of the baby.
Get a massage every 3-4 days during these last few weeks of pregnancy.
Get cranio-sacral therapy once a week from here on out.
Talk to your baby and tell him/her exactly what you want/expect from him/her regarding his/her portion of this birth.
Trust in your baby’s inherent ability to decide the best route for himself and to be born.

From Teresa

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