Monday, December 17

13 weeks are coming

This past weekend I spent it again filled with nauseating feelings and mood swings...I am very emotional.

I began to read a copy of a little script I got from e-bay called, "I CAN DO THIS" by Hygeia Halfmoon-unassisted childbirth. It was definitely a pleasant read, and I plan to keep it around me until I give birth. It was the story of a lady who had 3 births, a hospital birth that ended up in a c-section, and a medically unassited VBAC, and finally the purpose for the book, the unassisted birth in the presence of her other 2 daughters. It was definitely uplifting....

I plan to indulge myself in as many positive birth stories as possible, if you know of any, please share with me...Thanks!


Laura Shanley said...

I have lots of great birth stories on my site, including Hygeia's.

She and I used to do a newsletter together, and I wrote the introduction to one of her books (possibly that one). Good luck!

Sheridan said...

I have a lot at