Sunday, June 19

Armando Torres Gonzalez Part II

Happy Fathers Day!

On the last post of April 17, 2009, Armando Torres Gonzalez, the first version, I had asked for suggestions, which I received all the answers to, not because of the post, but because the universe helped me find the answer in the internet. Many things have occured since that time.

We found his tombstone, in Kenilworth, New Jersey, as Nicolas put it under 2 feet of snow. Armando died in East Orange, New Jersey from obstructive pulmonary disease. His father was a cuatro player. He recounts vivid memories of his father teaching him how to play the cuatro. We confirmed his date of birth and death, and through an ancestry search I found his grandparents names, Domingo Torres, and Carmen Gonzalez, and the parents of Domingo, Carlos Torres and Maria Galarza. He was from Utuado.

I tried reaching out to his family, even found some names that are possible on facebook, but I have yet to receive a response. Maybe the mystery will continue to unfold, and we will know just how far out our tree expands.

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