Monday, June 27

Tee Ball!

The game of tee-ball has helped my son Nicolas understand the concept of the game. He loves to play first base, and he has hit the ball pretty far, without the pressure and millions of instructions.

What is Tee ball? Tee ball is a game where a player his the ball on top of a inverted t is placed at the home plate, and the players learn to swing the bat. The score is not kept and rules are designed to maximize participation: an inning is completed once each child has had a turn at bat and all extra players of the defensive team play in the outfield every inning.

Our team only has about 10 participants in each game, though there were registered with 15 players, there are always more than a few missing. Tomorrow night, Nicolas is playing his last game as a tee ball player, and perhaps will pass on his learned joy to his younger brother!

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