Wednesday, June 15

The family tree, and

April 2009, I decided to go on a search for the immediate Torres family, the brothers and sisters for my significant other, and that prompted me to search within During that time, not only did I find information about the Torres family, but I found information about the Monclova, Lebron, and De Jesus family. The Calo family stopped with the names of my uncles.

On or about May 19, 2011, I received the most unexpected message from a Calo family member. The website,, is a place where you can start a family tree, and your family tree recognizes names from other family trees, it begins to grow, and connect to other family trees that other family members started. My family tree, from my mother family side just expanded about 40 more names, dead and alive! I am very excited and happy that I can now share information about the family with more cousins around the country, so Texas, here I come!

Fortunately, last year I traveled to Florida, and was impressed and happy to reconnect, and connect with family that lived in Rockledge, Tampa, and Fort Myers in Florida. What is amazing is that I have family that lives closer, that actually live in New Jersey and close to the Bronx, and don't forget the other Long Island, and Staten Island, that I have not had in depth conversation yet, or did have a conversation with but have not had a chance to visit with.

No need to despair, the moment will be here, and I will enjoy getting to know more of my cousins and probably find pictures of what my great grandparents, and great aunts and uncles looked like. So my cousins, if you are reading this, please share your history with us on, so we can see how far and wide our family expands!

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